Making Lemonade from Lemons is Toxic to the Lemons

Happily you grow there upon your tree
Drinking in days of cool nourishing rain
And basking in days hot and sunny

You grow in size to be plump and juicy
Your outside shines knowing the goodness within
Refreshing, pure, tangy and fruity

Then one day a stranger comes along
Who grabs you and plucks you from your tree
Scary and different, but not quite wrong

It feels okay, almost safe and warm
So you settle into the new environment
Resting snuggled up inside their palm

Then you begin to become aware
That their grip has slowly been tightening
Are you leaking or is it just a false scare?

You shrug it off because it still feels safe
Why would something bad be happening now?
Until the day you suddenly snap awake

You realize your total emptiness inside
No more good fruit, only bits and seeds remain
You cry and lament over the you that died

Slowly you shudder back to relook at life
Maybe you can take a seed and start again?
But will new you go through the same strife?

Something is better than nothing so give it a go
The journey will be long and tedious
But in the end good fruit will grow
~ Original Poem by KO ~

If you are stuck in a toxic relationship, than you are the lemon. Your partner is the stranger that plucks you from the tree. The lesson here is that life CAN start again. You hold within you the seeds to start a new life. It will be scary, unknown, and a long journey, but it will be worth it in the end. Don’t allow yourself to be stuck lamenting the part of you that is lost!


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